Thursday, February 08, 2007

Warnings for Stupid People

Rediscovered this image of a jar of peanut butter I had scanned a couple of years ago because of the silly warning on it:

Here's a closeup of the warning:

It contains peanuts. People need to be warned that peanut butter contains peanuts, because if they aren't they will sue. "Your Honour, there is no way my client could have known that jar of peanut butter contained any trace of peanuts. She is willing to be branded an idiot for the rest of her life on the chance that you will believe this and make her rich."

Here's another silly one that I just noticed today:

A perfectly ordinary bag of raisins. You can see the real raisins in the clear window in the bottom left of the bag, and the picture of raisins on the bag. In the lower right is this statement:

"Photo Enlarged to Show Texture."

"Ma, get the shotgun. We're goin' back to the store. We bought these new space-age giant raisins and they put little itty bitty ones in the bag instead."

What kind of freakish radioactive genetic experiments would they have to perform to get raisins that large? I don't think I'd eat them even if they did come in that size. Well, I probably would.

[Edit: I guess I didn't make it clear that I've taken the photo of the raisins and the scan of the peanut butter myself. I actually own these foodstuffs. Well, the peanut butter is long gone, but I did own it at one point. Some people seem to think I've taken these photos from some email or website.]

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Diane said...

How long ago was this post? But I saw this story today and thought of it.