Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hot Wax

As sort of a present for my girlfriend I got my chest and stomach waxed last week. I'm not going to get into what would possess me to do such a thing.

I didn't take any pictures, but if you want an idea of how it went watch The 40 Year Old Virgin. I'm not saying it's a great movie, but the depiction of the pain I went through is accurate. I am proud to say I was a little more stoic (I didn't call the woman waxing me nasty names), and I actually finished getting the hair removed.

The woman who did the waxing was actually very sweet. She told me she liked hairy men, and kept apologizing during the process. I think it will be easier for me if next time instead of getting waxed I find a girlfriend that likes hair.


I've been using Ubuntu for a little over a year now, and I haven't been happier with a Linux distribution. I started using Linux with Red Hat 7.2 in about 2002. I moved to Mandrake (now Mandriva) which I used for quite a while, but there always seemed to be something flaky that just didn't work on each release for me. I spent an entire weekend installing just a base system of Gentoo, then another day and a half compiling KDE, then more time compiling... After about a week of that I decided I didn't have the kind of time Gentoo demanded, even though my geek cred would suffer. I'm also administering a Fedora Core 4 server, which I'll have to upgrade soon. I'll probably replace it with Ubuntu 6.06 because of the long (6 years!) support cycle.

Ubuntu has a reputation of being a newbie distro, which is fine with me. It means it's easy to install, maintain, and use. I'm not quite sure why that's a bad thing. There is a huge list of software that can be easily installed, and there is nothing that can't be done with Ubuntu that can be done with any other distribution.

Decided to upgrade my system to Edgy Eft today. Normally I don't wait until the final release of software, installing betas and release candidates. For some reason I've been taking my time though. I hadn't even updated to Firefox 2.0 yet, mostly because I've being Opera lately because of some issues I've been having with Firefox.

I started the install expecting a lot of problems. I opened up a terminal, typed in gksu "update-manager -c" and let 'er rip. After about 2 hours of downloading and installing, I rebooted the system.

After the boot process was finished the nVidia splash screen surprised me by actually appearing, letting me know that my 3D drivers were actually installed and running. After logging in, KDE started up with no problems. KDE 3.5 is looking very pretty too, with lots of neat effects including true transparency of windows. I'm going to install Beryl and see how it looks.

So far everything has gone flawlessly. I'm still expecting trouble, but I'm pretty impressed so far.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Nonsense

Been a while since my last post.

Turns out I may not be competent to own a cell phone. My last cell I had put through the laundry after I had it for about three weeks. I dropped my current cell phone in a rain puddle after about a week. It dried out and is working fine, but I definitely need to be more careful.

Had Thanksgiving dinner with my mother and a couple of her friends today. Her one friend has been to England a couple of times and is a self appointed expert on all things English. It doesn't matter what we're talking about, she turns the conversation to England. We talked about KFC, she mentioned KFC in England is terrible, we talked about traffic, she starts talking about the roundabouts in England, we were speaking English, she tells us English is from England. Okay, I made up the last one, but I wouldn't have been surprised. She's a lot like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Without the Windex fetish, though.

Been watching Max Headroom lately. Shame it isn't out on DVD, I'd buy it in a second. Not sure if it's available at the iTunes store as iTunes doesn't work (easily) with Linux. Found it at AOL Television, but you have to have Windows and allow them to install some DRM program to control what you can do with the content.

What I want to do is watch it on my TV. I don't mind paying for it, but don't make it hard to get and limited with what I can do. It's already available for free without any restrictions, why make a crappier version that is difficult for me to get, costs money, and allows you to do less. "Hey buddy, want to buy some air? It's across town, to enter the store you have to wear a Hugo Boss suit, and you can only breath it at home. Three times."